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Divorce and Family Law issues are typically both complex and emotionally charged. However, in situations where domestic violence (or related threats, accusations or other abusive situations) is involved, the situation can quickly spin out of control, and getting help can be embarrassing, intimidating or cause fear of further abuse towards you or your children.

The fact is, one of the best first steps towards getting out of an abusive relationship is to speak with someone who has experience in dealing with similar situations. You spouse will very likely be threatening you that if you tell someone things will get worse, but it is actually the only way that you will make things better for you and your children. Ensuring the physical safety of you and your children has to be your first priority. If you feel that you are in immeadiate danger, call the police at once.

Complex Family Law Issues Require Experience

I have in-depth experience when it comes to family law issues where domestic violence was a factor. If you need help working through a divorce or child custody issue, do not hesitate to call and arrange your free initial consultation.

If you have been charged with abusing your spouse, do not take the allegation lightly. Secure legal counsel as soon as possible to minimize how the situation will affect your life going forward. We can help you deal with the accusations.

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If you are the vicitim of a domestic violence situation and don't what to do, we can help. I am an effective and experienced Family Law attorney who works tirelessly to get the best result for every client. We offer a free consultation from our offices in Minneapolis or Bloomington, or at a mutually convenient location in the Burnsville, Apple Valley or Eagan area.

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